Hello November, please be nice!

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 Hello sweeties! Last month I was very occupied, that's why I didn't published anything. But like I once said, you can follow my daily basis on my instagram page, I'm very online in this social platform - for real! (@rrvars)

Today, is the day to show you some things that I receveid from Born Pretty Store. Everytime that I find myself in their online store, I can't even decide what I really want to buy, everything is so damn beautiful.

I can't even started with the reason that I choosed them, isn't it obvious? They're gorgeous. Perfect for those special occasions. And the price? So low! Check it out:
earrings: url
 Necklace One:
I'm a completely necklace fan, I have a lot of them, and having just one more, is not  to much for a big problem! Every outfit needs a specific necklace, an item which make us glow even more! With that idea in my mind, I choosed the folowing one, a different and funny necklace:

 necklace: url

Necklace two:
This one, was actually a choice from Jenny herself. I love be surprised, and she actually choosed something that filled my eyes! It's different, sweet, and in sort of way - vintage. Perfect for my daily basis or to wear at any kind of event. It's basic but at the same time, catching! Thank you Jenny!
necklace: url

What do you think of these goodies? Did you liked them? If you did, please don't forget that the code "VART10" gives you 10% discount at any purchase in bornprettystore website! Go check it out!

Olá meus amores. Hoje foi dia de vos mostrar o que recebi da Born Pretty Store. Dois colares (em que um foi a escolha da própria Jenny) e um par de brincos. O que acham dos mesmos? 

Eu sei que tenho publicado cada vez mais em inglês, e não tanto em Português, se virem que não conseguem acompanhar os textos, por favor, digam-me alguma coisa e farei tradução de frase a frase para o nosso Português.
Enorme beijinho!

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