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I must be crazy, or sick. Two publications in two w...

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I must be crazy, or sick. Two publications in two weeks!? No, I'm pretty fine, like I said in the past publication, i'm going to be more active in my little page until the end of the year. I hope you don't mind! 
Since I've been out for a long time and this weekend was actually, the last weekend of summer, I decided to share with you my outfit of Saturday. Nothing special, just a casual outfit! 

When you have to work 5 days per week, the only wish for the weekend it's basically to stay confortable! I don't care about make-up, about the shoes, or even about the hair, I just care about feeling ok ... feeling only myself. I don't know if this feeling is something you also have, but I honestly don't care, we just need two days of "break"! And you, what do you use on weekends?

Don't forget to say Hi to Sushi, she's in photos too!


Pants: Local Store | Shirt: H&M | Belt: Local Store | Shoes: El Corte Ingles
Earings: Parfois | Scrunchie: Primark

See you next week!

If you want, you can make me questions (about my absence) in the comment section. I promise I'll answer.

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